Portrait Lighting for Photo, TV and Cinema

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The strength of this postcard-sized book lies in its practical use. It is well-structured, starting with simple, inexpensive lighting setup and progresses to more complex lighting situations. The basic idea of the book is simple, but it is far from being simplistic. The information is condensed and spot on - in the true sense of the word :-) Faithfully to filmic expression it „shows“ rather than „tells“.
The book also serves as a communication tool within a multicultural crew, as all the setups are described in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. It’s great that all the key terms are described right at the beginning in all 7 languages. However, it’s a minor drawback that the table of contents is only available in English. It should have also been translated to all 7 languages.
Here’s the content overview:
- The € 10 Studio
- Variations with a fluorescent tube
- Variations with one to three lamps
- Setup of a complex illumination
- Scrims and shadows
- Eyeslight
- Four and more lamps
- Reflexes in eyes
- Guerilla Lighting
- Lighting with two fluorescent tubes
- Foils, films and diffusion
- Bluebox, Greenscreen and Whitecube
- Equipment
- Posing
„Portrait Lighting for Photo, TV and Cinema“ should really belong to the standard equipment for international film shootings. Highly recommended.


I got the Portrait Lightning for Photo, TV and Cinema and I am very happy with the book. Love it’s size, it really fits into my pocket and I have all the information with diagrams at hand. I like that it does start with a very simple lighting scheme. The schemes are getting much more sophisticated and the explanation and diagrams are very useful. This is a book that all photographers and cameramen should have it. It would take you out from the rusty old lighting scheme that you might be using.

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